The story

2003 we did the first step in the developement of the easy raze. The fact that many people consider body hair as unaesthetic and, additionally, the nonexistence of an effective method of removal, first tries of independant shaving were made with a wooden hanger and a shaver fixated with duct tape. As we were encouraged by the pretty good results further models were made out of plastic.

Many prototypes later which altered between one and two heads, different materials and designs we developed the final configuration – the present easy raze.

The design of a reliable tucking device was an extraordinary challenge. The combination of flexibility and stiffness, the possibility to tuck in either round or oval, either thick or thin shafts of shavers made us try out different materials, forms and tucking devices thoroughly.

This uniquely shaped product called the easy raze is a anatomically formed stick in order to tuck in a shaving device of your choice. It allows an easy and thorough shaving of the back. The brush, which is included in the package, can spread the foam easily on the body part you want to shave. In order to wash the brushing device, just disassemble it. Additionally the flexibility of the brush is guaranteed by a plastic piece inside it. The adjustability of the tucking device is guaranteed by the rubber shells which enable you to tuck in oddly shaped shavers. Even without the visual control by looking in a mirror, the easy raze ensures an outstanding direction of the razor on your skin due to its special profile. Multiple setups allow the user to adjust the easy raze to every body shape. Finest materials like stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic and interchangable brushes associated with high-quality processing „Made in Germany" label this product as a convincing innovation.

We are sure to make you happy by buying the easy raze and useing it over many years. Therefore we enforce our understanding of the product's quality by giving you a warranty of 4 years on bow, tucking device and screws.

After several reviews by a diverse set of sceptical people who consider the easy raze as extraordinary, make your move and discover it!